National Mutt Day 2023: Everything You Need to Know

everything you need to know about national mutt day
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When is National Mutt Day?

National Mutt Day 2023 is a special day on July 31st that recognize mutts’ beauty and priceless worth! Today we celebrate the incredible joy, unwavering loyalty, and boundless love these adorable furry companions bring into our lives. So, let’s jump in to why we celebrate National Mutt Day.

What is National Mutt Day? 

National Mutt Day is a day dedicated to honoring and promoting the adoption of mixed-breed dogs. It was established to raise awareness about the countless mutts awaiting their forever homes in shelters and rescue organizations. This day serves as a reminder that every dog, regardless of breed or lineage, deserves a loving family and a happy life. 

The Beauty of Mixed-Breed Dogs

Below are some of our favorite reasons why we love mutts.

  1. Unique Personalities: One of the most remarkable aspects of mutts is their individuality. Their genetic diversity creates a tapestry of individual personalities, combining the best traits from different breeds. Whether playful, affectionate, or intelligent, mutts have a special charm entirely.  
  1. Full of Surprises: Owning a mutt is like unwrapping a gift—you never really know what you’ll get! From their charming appearance to their distinct behavior, mutts offer an element of surprise and unpredictability that makes every day exciting. Their one-of-a-kind looks and personalities also make them stand out from the crowd.  
  1. Saving Lives: National Mutt Day also sheds light on the importance of adoption. Mixed-breed dogs often make up a significant portion of shelter populations.* By adopting a mutt, you’re not only providing a loving home to a deserving companion, but you’re also saving a life.

How to Celebrate National Mutt Day 

There are so many ways to celebrate this holiday. Below are a few of our favorites.

  1. Visit a Shelter: Spend time at a local shelter or rescue organization. Many of them hold adoption events or special activities during National Mutt Day. Who knows, you might find your new best friend! 
  1. Foster a Mutt: If you’re not ready to commit to adoption, consider fostering a mutt. Fostering provides a temporary home for needy dogs, allowing them to experience love and care while they await their forever family. 
  1. Share the Love: Spread the word about National Mutt Day on social media. Use the hashtag #NationalMuttDay to raise awareness and also encourage others to consider adopting a mixed-breed dog. 
  1. Volunteer: Offer your time and support to local animal shelters. They always need volunteers to assist with walking dogs, grooming, or organizing events. Your contribution can also make a significant difference in the lives of these beautiful pups! 

Meet The Marvelous Mutts of Cash Factory USA 

It’s no secret that we love dogs at Cash Factory USA. Our office is even a dog friendly workplace!  

Here are some magnificent Mutts with wonderful loving homes that belong to some of our employees. You’re sure to see one of these mutts around the office every now and then.

national mutt day
Chewbacca, aka Chewie, is 4 years old, and his favorite treat is tortillas.
national mutt day
Gnasher is 13 years old, and his favorite treat is scrambled eggs with some cheese.
national mutt day
Muttley is 16 years old, and his favorite treat is bread.
national mutt day
Nip-Her is 11 years old, and her favorite treat is sausages.
national mutt day
Scrappy is 6 years old, and his favorite treat is chicken nuggets.

National Mutt Day is a beautiful opportunity to celebrate mixed-breed dogs’ beauty, uniqueness, and resilience. By adopting or fostering a mutt, you can experience the unconditional love and joy they bring to your life. So, let’s celebrate our furry friends on National Mutt Day and make a difference in their lives, one wagging tail at a time. Happy National Mutt Day!

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