Online Safety & Security

Cash Factory USA’s Commitment

Cash Factory USA is committed to your financial safety and security. Please take a moment to review how you can be proactive in protecting yourself against financial fraud. Most importantly, if you have concerns about whether a letter, email or phone call originated from Cash Factory USA, you should contact us immediately at (855) 374-5626 to report the suspicious communications.

Identify Potential Financial Fraud

Debt Collection Scam:

The perpetrators of this fraud make telephone calls impersonating legitimate collectors or lenders. In these calls, they fraudulently attempt to collect actual and fake debts by harassing you and threatening you into paying. If you ever suspect that a phone call from Cash Factory USA is not legitimate, please disconnect the call and contact us at (855) 374-5626.

Warning Signs for Debt Collection Scams:

  • They threaten you with violence, arrest or unauthorized wage garnishment.
  • They refuse to provide you with your loan agreement or transaction history.
  • They attempt to collect a loan that you know you don’t have.
  • They attempt to collect an amount that is different than what you actually owe.

Advance-Fee Loan Scam:

The perpetrators of this fraud request that you pre-pay various “fees” with the “promise” of a loan to follow. They typically request a payment be made to them through a money wire, a cash transfer, or with a prepaid debit card. Cash Factory USA and our 3rd party lenders will never require a pre-payment on any loan product. If you have received a loan offer that meets these descriptions, please contact us at (855) 374-5626 immediately to report the suspicious activity.

Warning Signs for Advance-Fee Loan Scam:

  • They ask for a payment in advance.
  • They ask for a prepaid debit card.
  • They ask you to wire them money.
  • They send fraudulent approval or confirmation letters.
  • They instruct you to buy a prepaid debit card for the alleged purpose of depositing your loan proceeds.
  • They may request additional fees to resolve alleged problems they have encountered with your social security number, credit report or alleged outstanding issues with the Internal Revenue Service.

Forged Letters/Emails and Impersonator Phone Calls:

The perpetrators of this fraud will make unsolicited phone calls or send letters or emails that look like they originated from Cash Factory USA and inform you that you have been approved for a loan. If you have received a communication from us and you are not sure if it is legitimate, please contact us at (855) 374-5626.

Warning Signs of Forged Letters/Emails and Impersonator Phone Calls:

  • The letters or emails are inconsistent when you read them or have grammatical errors.
  • The letters, emails, or phone calls offer loan amounts above Cash Factory USA’s limits.
  • The letters, emails, or phone calls falsely claim that Cash Factory USA is licensed by a foreign or sovereign government and not by the state in which you actually reside.

Protect Yourself From Financial Fraud

If you believe you may be a victim of a financial fraud scheme or believe someone is trying to scam you, here’s how you can report it:

  1. Call Cash Factory USA immediately at (855) 374-5626. We can verify the identity of Cash Factory USA employees or help look into whether you may be a potential victim of a financial fraud.
  2. If you suspect you may have received a communication from a third-party entity fraudulently holding themselves out to be a representative of Cash Factory USA, please let us know by sending an email to
  3. Cash Factory USA is a proud member of the Texas Organization of Financial Services Centers and United Payday Lenders of Missouri. These organizations are committed to serving and educating the consumer.
  4. Report the potential fraudulent activity to your state’s Attorney General or Financial Institutions Division.
  5. File a complaint for any internet-related criminal activity with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crime Complaint Center