Why It’s Important to Support Local Businesses

why it's important to support local businesses
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Can you believe it’s already July?! The days of sunshine, BBQs, and fireworks are just a few of the things we look forward to this month. However, July is also Independent Retailer Month and it’s vital to our local economy. With Independent Retailer Month comes the reminder that small independent businesses are a key component of any thriving community. You might be used to running errands at big-box retailers and don’t see the point in going local. After all, a big retailer has all you need. What you may not realize is those mom-and-pop shops actually provide more benefits for you and your community. Before we explain how and why it’s important to support local businesses, let’s take a look at how it all started!  

How Did Independent Retailer Month Begin? 

In 2003, Tom Shay, Retail Expert and Principal at Profits Plus Solutions had an idea. He was going to create a holiday called “Independent Retailer Week”. The idea was to encourage retailers to organize celebrations for their communities.  

In 2009, Kerry Banningan, Executive Director of Fashion Impact Fund, launched the “‘Independent Retail Week’’ across a few cities, including New York and Philadelphia. Four hundred retailers participated in this initiative which gained support from the two cities’ tourism boards and national news channels.  

Fast forward to July 2011, and the two pioneers decided to launch July Independent Retailer Month. This initiative was designed to encourage people to support their local businesses. It also emphasized the critical role local merchants play in their community.  

And just like that, #indieretailer month was born. 

why should you support local businesses?
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Why Should You Support Local Businesses? 

Sure, going to your big-box retailer is convenient. While you can usually find pretty much everything you need in the same spot, there are several benefits to shopping small. Here are three major benefits of supporting local businesses instead of shopping at big retailers:  

You’ll Get Personalized Customer Service 

Small local business owners rely on their communities to earn a profit and grow their businesses. Therefore, their reputation is everything to them.  

Not only is it paramount for them to provide excellent customer service to ensure a thriving business, but a tailored customer service approach is also a great way for them to generate word-of-mouth in the area they service and increase their customer base. 

That’s why you’re more likely to receive friendly, personal customer service with a local business than with a big-box retailer. Small operators are often passionate about what they do. This means that they want to create genuine connections with their customers, providing them with top-notch service. 

Also, the smaller business size could mean that staff will be more likely to better answer your questions and advise. Small independent retailers are all about qualitative service and positive experiences instead of numbers and strict time-management schedules.  

You’ll Help Support Your Community  

Did you know that every time you spend $1 at a local shop, it’s spent between six and fourteen times in the community before heading out of town? 

Or that every time you spend $100 at your local independent retailer, your money generates $45 in secondary spending as opposed to only $14 with big-box retailers?* Local businesses generate 70% more local spending per square foot than big retailers! 

Local businesses are the backbone of the American economy.* Not only do they contribute immensely to their communities, but they also provide jobs for millions. In fact, local businesses represent 64% of new jobs created in the US every year.* They also contribute to developing vibrant and buzzing neighborhoods that attract both locals and tourists. They participate in fundraising, provide food for their employees’ families, and make the community safer.

You’ll Encourage Individuality 

Big-box retailers thrive on economies of scale and therefore contribute to mass production and standardization of goods. 

On the other hand, local independent retailers bring novelty and originality to their customers. To stand out from big retailers and their local competition, they constantly must innovate. This involves bringing new ideas to life while also offering a selection of products to cater to different preferences.  

Besides, small local businesses are usually more flexible. Direct contact with their customers allows them to adapt their offerings to ever-changing needs more easily than big chains. 

how to support local businesses
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How Can You Support Local Businesses? 

If you’re wondering what you can do to support your community and help local businesses thrive, here are some ideas for you: 

Shop At Your Local Grocers 

Regardless of where you live, there are probably local grocery stores, food co-ops, or farmers’ markets that supply fresh and high-quality produce. They need your business to be able to continue to do so.  

Buy From Local Businesses 

Whether you need to get keys cut, buy a new pair of shoes, or are looking for a special gift for a loved one, chances are you can find local businesses ready to provide you with exactly what you need. As mentioned before, local businesses often offer innovative and quality products, but they’ll also advise you and help you find what you need. 

Attend Local Events 

Local businesses, including independent retailers, might have difficulty accessing capital. That’s because lenders can make it difficult for small local businesses to secure funding which, in turn, limits their ability to grow. So, make sure to contribute to any local fundraisers that you believe can help support your community.  

Also, attending local concerts and other events in your area is a great way to support local artists and support a vibrant entertainment scene in your neighborhood.  

Spread The Word About National Independent Retailer Month 

Local businesses are the soul of your community and supporting them means you’re helping to forge a unique identity in your local area. So, grab your shopping bag and a few friends and stroll your neighborhood streets this July and beyond. You could uncover beautiful, handcrafted items and fresh produce while getting to know members of your community.

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