Preparing for a Natural Disaster, How to Keep Your Family Safe

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Preparing for a natural disaster can make keeping your family safe easier than you think. If you plan and follow recommended guidelines, you can survive and thrive during the most difficult times.

At Cash Factory USA, we want to ensure you’re ready for anything. With some of these top tips and important strategies, you can move ahead more confidently in an uncertain world. Read our suggestions for some of the more common problems heading your way.

Stocking Up

When preparing for a natural disaster— you’ll be stocking up with different items for different lengths of time. Natural disasters may dictate having enough supplies for up to a month. We suggest buying some of the following essentials, including:

  • Canned foods
  • First aid items
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Prescription medications
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Water

While many people are going out and buying entire shelves of these items, you don’t need too much of any one item. Everyone else also needs to buy supplies, and there’s no need to panic. Buy just the right amount for your family and leave the rest for others to avoid going over your budget and preventing friends and family from getting what they need.

Paying Bills

Many people are concerned about paying their bills and surviving a diminished income when preparing for a natural disaster. Work and schools may be closed, and you could be wondering where that next paycheck will come from. We suggest looking for alternative jobs that you can work online instead of finding a part-time job where you have to physically go to work. You can also start looking at ways to save on grocery shopping and meal prep with your kids for a fun bonding activity that saves money.

Preparing for the Worst

Several disasters could be coming your way, requiring different practices and provisions. Here are some top tips for preparing for each kind of natural disaster.


You can only do so much when you’re getting ready to protect your home and family from wildfires. Minimize fire risk by clearing your gutters, trimming any leaves and trees near your house, and clearing your lawn of dry debris. These can act as kindling and bring the fire closer to your home. You can also prepare for this natural disaster by staying away. If your area is at high risk, consider relocating your family until you can be sure it’s safe to return.


The best way to ensure you’re ready for an earthquake is to train yourself and others on the appropriate actions to take when an earthquake hits. Always look for the best places to drop and cover in each room and secure any heavy items and breakable objects at all times.

You may also want to create a communication plan with family members out of state and discuss where to meet should you get separated. The government recommends you make a supply kit with enough food, water, and supplies to last at least three days. You may also want to include a flashlight, whistle, and fire extinguisher.


Preparing for a natural disaster that includes flooding is much easier than an earthquake. You usually have a bit more warning before a flood, and emergency alert systems let you know when it’s time to leave. Sign up for EAS and NOAA to stay informed, learn and practice your evacuation routes, and gather easy-to-carry supplies in case you need to leave. You should also keep your most important items in waterproof containers and stock up on batteries, medicine, and critical equipment.

Know the signs of imminent flash floods, like heavy rain and lack of trees that act as a barrier to flood waters.

Teaching Kids

Making sure your children know how to respond during a natural disaster is one of the most important ways you can protect them. They need to know what to do in case tragedy strikes when you’re not there. Preparing for a natural disaster with your family means telling your children about your preparations and reinforcing the contact information, meeting places, and escape routes they need to know.

Don’t Forget Pets

Pets are part of your family too! Don’t leave them behind when disaster strikes. Preparing for a natural disaster means finding a way to accommodate your dog, cat, or other furry friends when you leave your home. Find pet hotels that can take them in or explore hotels and Airbnbs that are pet friendly.

Preparing for a natural disaster doesn’t have to be scary. Getting ready in advance minimizes panic and ensures everyone’s safety and security. Learn more about specific events when you visit city and state websites for more disaster preparedness.

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