National Pet Day: How to Celebrate Your Best Friend

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National Pet Day celebrates the joy pets bring into our lives, and what better way to celebrate your animal companion than having an entire day dedicated to them? 

Here are some fun and budget-friendly ideas to celebrate National Pet Day that you and your special friend can enjoy. 

Go to the Park 

Take time today or this weekend to take your dog to the park! The park costs nothing, and if you live close to one, you don’t have to drive or spend any gas money. Enjoy a picnic by packing yourself a sandwich and Fido’s favorite snack. Bring their favorite toy and spend some quality time together. Don’t forget the water! 

Homemade Treats  

Mixing a few simple ingredients creates a delicious homemade baked good your dog will love. 


2 cups all-purpose flour 

1/2 cup creamy peanut butter 

2 eggs 

1/4 cup water 


  1. Preheat your oven to 350 F. 
  1. Mix your flour, peanut butter & eggs in a large bowl until slightly combined. 
  1. Add in a little bit of water (one Tbsp at a time) until the mixture becomes wet enough to roll out as dough. 
  1. Roll out your dough & cut out your favorite shapes with some cookie cutters. 
  1. Place your treats onto your baking sheet & cook for about 10-15 minutes. 
  1. Let them cool completely before serving, and watch their tail wag! 

Box Fort 

 Don’t worry, cat people, we didn’t forget about you! Have some old Amazon boxes you haven’t broken down or leftover gift boxes from the holidays? Create a box fort for your feline friend! Place a blanket with a few of their favorite toys inside, and your cat won’t want to leave. Hide a treat or two for a delightful surprise for your kitty.  

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DIY Scratching Post 

Wrap a cardboard tube or a piece of carpet around a post or a sturdy cardboard box for your cat to play with and scratch. Scratching posts are a great way to give your cat a scratching surface while keeping them entertained. 

DIY Play Tubes 

At Cash Factory USA, we love all animals, big and small! So, for our customers with Rodentia companions, make them play tubes out of toilet paper or paper towel rolls. They are cheap and easy toys to make.   

You can cut holes in the tubes, stick your friend’s favorite treat inside, and watch them go.   

You can also push the tubes together and cut corners at different angles so your Rodentia friend has multiple places to run. 


What’s more fun than a doggy play date?! Get together with a friend or friends with dog(s) that get along with yours. Play at your house for an hour or head to the dog park together. Socialization is good for you and your dog(s)! 

Go to the Drive Thru 

More and more drive-thrus are becoming dog-friendly. They often offer treats and special goodies if you have pups in your car. Dairy Queen and Starbucks offer “pup cups,” and they are FREE! Check out this list of dog-friendly drive-thrus. 

Make it a Date  

Why leave your pup at home? There are so many dog-friendly restaurants. Check out the website Bring Fido. Type in your zip code and discover dog-friendly restaurants, stores, and hotels! This a great website to bookmark, especially if you like to travel or plan outings with your dog! 

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Other Ways to Celebrate 


Shelters across the US need toys, food, and blankets. Going to your local big box store and buying some dry/canned dog or cat food will go a long way. Have some blankets that have wear and tear? Donate them to a local shelter and give much-needed comfort to a sweet dog or cat. Are you a pet owner? Does your dog or cat have toys they no longer play with? Give them to a shelter to create joy for the animals in need. Contact your local shelter to find out what supplies they need most, as summertime is just around the corner. 


Volunteering at a shelter can be as valuable as offering toys, pet food, or treats. Plus, it’s a great way to get to know the animals better and make a difference to them. Check with your local shelters to see how you can volunteer.    

Get Involved

Many shelters and animal rescue charities will hold fundraisers or social events to raise money or bring awareness. Can’t commit to volunteering? Your local shelter may be having a doggy fundraiser at a bowling alley. Go out and support! Check your local shelters’ social media pages, or sign up for their newsletters, so you know what future fundraising events are coming up.   

Happy National Pet Day! Celebrate those special loved ones in your life! And if you want to volunteer, donate, or get involved, contact your local shelter today! 

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