Christmas for Children: Gifts on a Budget

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“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” And, while everyone loves the holiday cheer and gift-giving season (well, everyone except the Grinch), it can also become a financial strain if you don’t plan accordingly.

There’s no doubt you still want to make any child’s eyes light up as they unwrap their gifts from under the tree (or wherever else you might store them on Christmas Day). So, have no fear because we’ve pulled together a whole range of ideas for gift ideas on a budget that’s made for kids with a variety of interests across various age ranges. 

Before you start shopping, organize by making a list (and checking it twice) with the names of all the kids in your life for whom you plan to buy gifts. This will help you to allocate a budget per person so that you can stay within your overall spending. Then, consider their likes and dislikes and go shopping (and wrapping and unwrapping). 

Let’s get to it! 

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Budget-Friendly Gifts for Kids 

  1. NFL Team Football: Throw around some fun with this awesome gift that’s $15 (or under if you buy it while it’s on a deal). Yeah, you read that right. Plus, you can choose from the range of NFL teams to give your favorite sports fan their next favorite gift. 
  2. Charm Bracelet Maker:  Keep the creative child busy by gifting this box set with everything they need to make a charm bracelet. There’s string, charms, beads, and a molding tool so they can become their own jewelry designer. 
  3. My First Tool Box:  Black and Decker’s™ “My First Tool Box” has everything the little builder needs to get the job done. And it costs $9.99! There are 14 tools made of plastic. While they won’t actually help to build any furniture, they’ll be the perfect gift for the kid who loves to be hands-on. 
  4. The Big, Fun, Kids Cookbook: For the one who has the desire for culinary creations, Food Network Magazine’s™ The Big, Fun, Kids Cookbook is sure to be a hit. Under $15 and packed with over 150 recipes, this present will keep them coming back (to the kitchen) for more. Plus, it’s a win-win because everyone gets to eat better if you have a good cook in the kitchen. 
  5. All About Nail Art: Got a little manicurist running around? The All About Nail Art set by Just My Style ® includes step-by-step instructions, glitter packets, and nail polishes for endless nail fun.
  6. Teepee Tent: Let’s face it, kids love to sleep and play in small spaces. But outdoor treehouses aren’t always a possibility. Give the gift of imagination and adventure with this outdoor teepee (that can also be set up indoors). So far, it’s the most expensive item on this list, costing about $38, but it can provide a lot of fun. 
  7. Moonjar Piggy Bank®: We wouldn’t be Cash Factory USA if we made it through this list without talking about money management. Moonjar could be that perfect present to teach kids all about finances. The piggy bank isn’t a traditional ceramic animal shape with a coin slot, Instead, it has three sections labeled “Save/Spend/Share,” so you can teach your young ones about the Three S’s early on. 
  1. 3D Model Airplane: Know a kid who can’t get enough of airplanes or buildings? The 3D laser cut model of a P-51 Mustang will have them landing on Cloud 9 when they unwrap it. Plus, there’s a whole set of different options to choose from, so they can collect them all (over time, of course). 
  1. Play-Doh Fun Factory™: Chances are you’ve played with Play-Doh once or twice (or a thousand times) in your life. The Play-Doh Fun Factory hovers around $10 and includes two tubs of Play-Doh, plus the Squeeze Machine. The Squeeze Machine lets your creative one squeeze Play-Doh into 10 different shapes to help them build whatever their heart desires. 
  2. Portable Adjustable Sewing Machine: Young fashion designers rejoice! This portable sewing machine costs less than $25 and can be used to actually stitch together fabrics. Just like a regular sewing machine, it has foot pedals and dual-speed adjustment. It weighs less than 2 pounds, but don’t be fooled by its size because it functions like the professional ones. 

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