How to Turn A Hobby or Passion Into A Career

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As the cost of living rises year by year, many people are turning to secondary part-time jobs and additional side hustles to supplement their main income. While there are some steps being taken to raise the minimum wage and provide low-cost options to those who need it, most people are looking for new ways to make money. If you have a passion you believe could make you some money, learn how to turn a hobby into a career with advice from the experts at Cash Factory USA.

Create a career you’re passionate about with our five-step plan!

1. Start Small

Being passionate about a career is a luxury not many people have. If you have a hobby you love, start making it a real job by saving up some money to create an inventory or advertise your services. Don’t leave your day job or give up saving for retirement to focus on your new source of income. Approach it as a hobby until it’s time to start making some real money. You want to be able to practice your hobby, research and test, network with others, and build a solid plan before you invest a significant portion of your time or money and take the big leap forward.

2. Network

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While you can use social media to easily connect with potential customers, business partners, and even competitors, many places have small business support groups that can help you on your path. Meeting people in person allows you to ask them questions about how they turned a hobby into a career as well as what keeps them going during tough times and slow seasons. Your network can also help you find new opportunities for advancement and act as a sounding board for new ideas.

3. Research & Test

You don’t want to jump into the deep end of the pool before you know if people even like or need your product! Introduce your hobby to your friends and loved ones to gauge their interest and enthusiasm. Use their feedback to improve your product or service and present it several more times to hone your skills. If you’re truly looking for a career you’re passionate about, these repeated tests will show you whether or not you really love this hobby and you’re in it for the long run!

4. Create a Business Plan

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A business plan is not very glamorous, but it could help keep you on track when your career passion gets ahead of you. It can also help you present your ideas to potential investors and generate a buzz about your business in the professional sector. Writing everything down ensures you foresee potential pitfalls, calculate financials, and plan a concrete route towards success.

5. Spread the Word

Now that you have everything in place, it’s time to spread the word about your new business. Reach out through your personal social media, create accounts for your business, and ask friends and family to promote your product too! Store hosting sites (Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and Letgo) can help you make sales until you have time and resources to develop your own website.

Start your journey to a passionate career and additional money for your savings when you start on these steps today!

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