Installment Loans in Idaho

When you’re in a tough financial spot and need a way out, Idaho installment loans might be a good option. You can find loans through Cash Factory USA that may be able to help you with emergency bills, an unexpected situation, or anything else that leaves you short on money. At Cash Factory USA, we have an easy application process, a quick decision that depends on your qualifications, and money deposited into your account typically by the next business day.

Our Idaho Installment Loan

Cash Factory USA offers installment loans in Idaho. Installment loans give you a longer time to pay back what you borrow. They are multi-payment loans, which may make it easier to pay over time. They are offered in amounts between $100-$1,500.

Terms for Installment Loans

Idaho installment loans are a unique way of borrowing. They allow you to get the money you need for immediate use and pay it back over a period of several months. Unlike payday loans, they do not need to be repaid by your next payday. Not everyone will qualify for an installment loan.

AFS Idaho LLC offers installment loans in Idaho with the following terms:

  • The maximum amount you may borrow is $1,500.
  • Your loan term will be between 120-180 days.
  • Your loan payments will be scheduled to occur on your paydays
  • You must have an open and active checking account.

We are both state and federal government compliant for installment loans.

Installment Loan Fee Schedule and APR

Please click here for a detailed fee schedule and APR disclosures.

Installment Loan License

AFS Idaho LLC, DBA Cash Factory USA is licensed as a regulated lender in Idaho pursuant to Section 28-41-301 et seq. of the Idaho Statutes, license number RRL-10197. The licensee information can be found on the Idaho Department of Finance site here. All lending activity is regulated and examined by the State of Idaho, Department of Finance, 11341 W Chinden Blvd. Building 4, 3rd Floor Boise, ID 83714. 2233 Paradise Road LLC, the servicer of loans on behalf of AFS Idaho LLC, is also licensed as a regulated lender in Idaho, license number RRL-10237.