7 Summer Staycation Ideas for the Whole Family

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With summer looming and options to leave your home dwindling, it’s time to start thinking about how to vacation with your family at home. At Cash Factory USA, we’re also thinking of ways to entertain the kids and keep the budget in check. If you’re looking for summer staycation ideas for everyone, explore our top suggestions today!

1. Camp in the Backyard

If you have the outdoor space in the shape of a backyard, porch, or balcony, setting up a tent and camping can be a real adventure. Not everyone has a backyard, but you can set up a tent anywhere there’s space — even your own living room. One of our top staycation tips is to make the experience even more immersive when you play animal noises on your phone or decorate your indoor areas to look like a jungle. Make this a family project by asking your kids to draw their favorite animals and cutting out cardboard to look like flora and fauna.

2. Bike Around the City

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You want to keep your family active during the summer months, so biking around the city is a great staycation idea. You can take short trips just around your home or plan longer bike rides to get groceries for the whole family. Teaching the kids how to ride is a great bonding experience and the exercise is great for the whole family.

3. Family Crafts

Craft time is a great way to help your kids expend extra energy, express themselves, and teach them about art. There are tons of projects you can do with things you probably already have at home. This staycation idea is ideal when the weather isn’t too cooperative. Whether it’s too hot or it has started raining, you can stay inside and craft up a storm.

We love crafts that are useful around the house and make kids feel like they’re helping with home improvement. Here are our favorite staycation craft ideas:

Garden Flowers

All you need for this project are some clear plastic plates, garden stakes, and acrylic paints. Let your kiddos get wild while painting flowers on their plastic plates. After everything has dried, attach the plates to the garden stakes with glue or small screws. Take your kids out to the garden and plant the stakes together.

Pinecone Bird Seed Feeders

If there are a lot of birds in your neighborhood, these bird seed feeders can allow you to bird watch with the whole family. Simply collect some pinecones on your next family walk. Smother them in peanut butter and cover them in a variety of bird seeds. Hang them up in the trees around your home and watch as your feathered friends come to feed. You might get lucky and spot a squirrel or two!

Pet Rocks

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Our last staycation craft tip is to let your kids paint a pet rock. While buying these ready-made was hugely popular in the 70s, it’s much more fun to make your own. Let your kids choose their own rocks and provide some acrylic paints for them to use. Help them paint everything from ladybugs to made-up creatures for a pet that will never run away!

4. Cooking Together

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After working up an appetite crafting with your kids, you might need to whip up a meal for the whole family. Make cooking and baking a group activity for a staycation idea that will teach kids some kitchen basics.

You don’t always have to make cookies and sweet treats together. You can also make healthy snacks like caterpillars made of grapes, snails made of celery, peanut butter and apple slices, or an oceanscape made of cottage cheese, goldfish, and vegetables.

5. Splurge on a Meal at Home

You don’t want to cook every meal at home, but you might not be able to head to a restaurant for a sit-down meal. You can still splurge on a nice restaurant for your family when you order for takeout or delivery. Make the meal extra special when you whip out the nice plates and silverware. Let your kids play pretend by making up menus and play-acting as servers once the food is delivered. You can even pop open a nice bottle of wine for mom and dad and a bottle of juice for the kids.

6. Set Up a Movie Theater

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One of the bigger projects on our staycation ideas list is creating a home movie theater. As long as you have a blank wall and some sort of projector (many come available as attachments for your phone), you can create your very own movie theater. Pop some popcorn and bring out the sodas for an authentic experience. You can set up cozy nests on the floor made of pillows and blankets for a quiet night with your family.

If you want to take this staycation idea to the next level, create your movie theater outdoors to enjoy the warm weather. Project your movie on a wall outside the house and set up beach chairs and snacks in your yard.

7. Go Star Gazing

The night sky is full of myths, stories, and science to share with your kids. Once you scout out a good spot — make sure it’s away from light pollution and secluded — you can drive out with your family and stare at the sky. Bring a blanket and some provisions to keep everyone happy and print out some photos of the most famous constellations. Make it a game to see who can find them first.

8. Staying at Home

Whether you’re staying home to save money or because you’re trying to help everyone stay safe, there’s no need to feel trapped inside. Try some of these staycation ideas and tips for the whole family!

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